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Problems with my extended desktop


New member
Here is another question, I seem to have a lot of them, but you folks will straighten me out I'm sure.

I have an HP dv 1000 laptop and an additional Samsung 930b monitor. I got the monitor so I could see my modeling better without reading glasses.
When I move SE to the big screen, it locks up. I can put the edgebar, and all the other dialog boxes over there with no problem, but the model will always lock up when I try to move it.

Thats one issue. The second part of my problem is when I take my laptop to work, draw a profile, and the profile error assistant pops up, I cant see it. I have to assume that it is thinking it should be on the other monitor. I check my setting on the laptop and I am not using the extended desktop, but SE thinks I am. If I go home, open everything, move the error assistant to the laptop and shut down it will not do this. But I dont always remember to do this and that hurts me at work and I cant do any modeling till the next day.

Any ideas?

I know Andrew and/or William will jump on this and solve my problem, but hold off for a few days. I am curious if there is another bright 3D person that can be drawn into our discussions.

Andrew, William, dont worry, I still like you guys.

Thanks JK
Hi JK,

I don't have a very good understanding of your problem but did you install the driver for your monitor on your laptop? Did you also select the correct display from the display settings?

Hi guys,

Sorry for me pushing my nose in this.

ANDREW: the driver is not the problem. I have a laptop, I know

JIM: I do not have a good answer for you.
I will ever hang back for a while yet to give other folkes a chance.
I have the feeling Mr. Gert VD might be able to help us with a good answer.

JK / William,

I'm sorry i don't have an idea on this.
I've never encounter such a problem as I don't connect my laptop to a bigger screen. However, i'll try to ask around for you.

Hi Guys,

I to work with two monitors on my computer. I must say that I never tried to move the drawing template from SE from one monitor to the other without moving the program window. I just work on one monitor and use the second one to put the Edge bar and other toolbar. This way I can maximize my workspace. Sorry that I don't have the answer to your problem.


Thanks for joining in.
Let me ask the question to you - what happens if you go back to your single screen and startup you PC again.
That is without you moving back the edge bar back onto the single screen?
If you open SE again after the startup, where is the edgebar now?

What happens if you try this but now do a hybernate instead of a normal shutdown?

What do you see?

Thanks everybody

Andrew, Yes I have the correct driver and the correct settings.

Hi Gert, I am not attempting to move only the drawing template ( It wont let me) I am moving the entire program window.

WB, The edge bar opens on the other monitor as you would expect it to, no problems with that. How do I make it hybernate? I am aware of hybernation, but I thought it was an automatic function , when left alone and not used.

You guys make things too easy!! I may never use the help function again. Wouldnt that be nice. Unfortunatly, not likely.


Sorry for letting this thread lay still :(
I have a few more comments that may be answers.
Hopefully some of our friends will disagree and have better answers. ;)

As I understand you have two problems:
1] moving SE onto the second (extended) screen let the system hang
2] if all the windows / dialogs of SE is not moved back onto the laptop screen before you shutdown your PC, these dialogs will not be visible to you if you only use your laptop screen.

Possible answers [1]:
Most probebly your resources on the laptop can not handle the intensive graphics needed to run the 2nd extended screen. Try the following..

a] the screen memory is probebly shared with your main memory. Set it to a higher number on your BIOS. (ask a friend how to)

b] Change the amount of colours used for the 2nd screen to a lower number.
Change it from 32bit to 16bit. (right click on desktop -> properties -> settings, select the 2nd screen, change to 16k). You can also try to set it at a lower resolution maybe 1024 x ??.

c] >>temporary<< move your SE shortcut to the 2nd screen. Open the shortcut.
d] buy yourself a wide screen (BONUS: wireless mouse & keyboard) and connect it to you laptop.:eek:
Then use only 1 screen. A 19" wide profile LCD will do nicely (retail at less than Euro300??). I use it at home and will never look back.

Possible answers [2]:
This problem is inherent to Windows. As far as I know from the programming languages I use regularly; you HAVE to move everything back to the laptop screen when you have finished using the extended desktop. Maybe someone else knows a way around it - there are Window codes that you can put into your shortcut to force it to run in a particular manner (screen).

That is all I can contribute to this matter..
Your CAD friend,
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