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Problems with replace viewing


New member
I am new here and haven´t a lot experience with catia v5.

can someone explain me when the "replacing viewer" window appear? if you want to replace one of 2 assambled bodys (2 bodys are cut) - bodys cut and phase at cutedge - one of this bodys is projected.

I have no idea if there is a systematic behind.

sorry for my bad english...I work on it.
Good question, but I can't find much information about the Replace Viewer window in the Help files.

It usually pops up whenever you replace parent features that have been copied with links from another file.

When it does appear, I found it much easier to use the window than if I just close the window and deal with all the error messages that result.

Maybe someone else can share more information about exactly triggers the Replace Viewer to appear?

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