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Product Level Publications

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I have created a publication within CATProduct Assembly A. Assembly A has been inserted as a component of another assembly, Assembly B. When I try to create a constraint (coincidence) between published elements in Assembly A and Assembly B, the publications of Assembly A may not be selected. Any ideas as to why this is happening?

The Constraints creation option in the Options > Mechanical Design > Constraints tab is set to Use published geometry of any level.

Thank you in advance,
- mjama
Hmmm - it worked for me:confused:

which release are you using?
what type of constraint are you trying to add, and to which geometry?
could you attach a picture of your tree?

What happens when you select the published geometry from the tree?
Two things come to mind that you should perhaps check out.
If your two assemblies are situated in different folders, check that the Linked Documentation Localisation in Tools Options General Document are @ Yes and not No.

I that's not the problem, make sure your published element is not being superimposed on the screen by another element that isn't published. Catia has a nasty habit of doing this and ignoring the publishment.
Hiding other elements in the vacinity usually works or you can scroll thru' using your mouse and the arrow up button to see what else is in the area you are trying to pick.
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