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programing help



I have Rhino 3d but no time to learn it
Right now I have a project to do and need someone to come over and program some of it. I will pay you . If you are in or around Orange County CA please call me, Jay 714 847 5311
Hi Jay,

Rhinoceros is a modeling program. You can't program with it. Anyway did you have a sample picture of the thing(s) you intend to create for your project? It will be good if the guys here can see what exactly you looking for (how complex is the 3D model). Having better idea what you want they will know whether they are able to help you.
If you have some reference but don't know how to upload picture(s) here, just use some free image hosting site like ImageShack® - Hosting



PS: Sorry for my poor English :)
you can program in it RhinoScript is really powerful actually, and it is not just a modeling program, pagelayout, rendering, cad, animation and for many industry.

not that i am a expert @ scripting, but i would say the Help , Videos from and too.

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