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Programming: How to speedup?



Hi there!

I'm using an external VB6 program to modify the dimensions of SW prts. I have prts with a lot of equations linked to dimensions.

When I change those values they take long, 2 seconds each equation (think about 10-20 equations each prt).

I found an easy method to speedup this proces by chance. When the external program starts to change the prt eqs, if we click on any of the working SW menus, all goes faster!!

I think when we open the menu, SW makes less checks (maybe 'couse the mouse arrow is not over the prt), so I'd tried usin this from VB:
objApp.UserControlBackground = True
objApp.UserControl = False
but I don't obtain a significant improvement.

Did anybody know, how can we resolve this?

Thanks a lot

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