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Proper Name changing method


New member
Hello everyone
When we are working in working in Pro E wildfire and we are making any assembly any 2d drawings for that assembly ,but if we want to change the name of assembly or any part the drawing file will not open so i want to know any easy method so that 2d drawing file can accept changed names automatically now i have to re enter properties/add model etc but if my assembly having 60 parts its time consuming job.

so if anybody have any solution please reply

to change name in pro/Engineer

Files, such as drawings and assemblies, that are dependent on other files (typically parts), need to know the name of their dependent objects. When you rename an object, any other files that depend on that object must be loaded into session so that Pro/ENGINEER can edit the file to call for the renamed object. So if you rename a part, for example, make sure the drawing of that part is also loaded into memory, or the next time you retrieve the drawing, it will still be looking for the old part name, unsuccessfully. This is true for any file (such as an assembly) which is dependent on other files.

Remember to save the drawing, assembly, manufacturing model, etc. after its dependent object has been renamed.

To fix a mismatch, where a drawing or assembly can't find a part because of renaming, quit the retrieval of the drawing or assembly. Retrieve the part, rename it back to the original name. Retrieve the drawing or assembly (it should find the file now). Then rename the part back, and save the drawing or assembly file

Hope it'll be helpful. If u still need any information, please let me know.
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