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Putting drawings 'tighter' in a Catdrawing


New member
Hi all,

I'm new to the forums and have (probably a simple solution to this) problem in my catdrawing:
I have several designed 'blocks' with holes which are, or designed by me or taken as 'front view' from a 3d file (see photo attached). Now, as these parts are going to be lasercutted, is there a possibility to 'autoplace' these with minimum place in between them so I don't lose too much material? If I try to drag them they don't move (because they are taken from a 3d file? the ones I designed myself do move if I drag them).
Thanks for the help,


New member
tool bar.JPG

If this icon, the one in the middle(Display View frame as specified etc.) is not activated, its disabling the bounday box. You can move those projection click+dragging those boxes.

I dont know if this is the one your asking about btw. haha


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