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r17 parts in r16...options?


New member
howdy! i am very new to catia. actually i don't really know much at all. i am going to try to get up to speed at my new job so i may be here a lot. our customer sent me r17 models. we have r16. can these be opened somehow? if not can i ask them to save tham as r16 like in acad? just so i know, if i do ask them to save tham as r16, what does that involve for my customer? time? difficult? thanks so much! Cheers C[[]]
Howdy 3DMDLR, and welcome to the world of CATIA.

CATIA is "upward compatable" which means data from lower level releases can be open and modified with higher level releases. So your customer can open and modify your R16 files with his R17 system.

But not the other way around. You will not be able to open and modify R17 or higher files with your R16 system.

However, as you probably know, your customer can use the DOWNWARD COMPATIBILITY utility program to convert their CATPart files from R17 to R16. (it's a fairly simple process.) Then you will be able to open these files. You can use these files in a limited capacity; you add new features, you can make drawings and assemblies with these files, you can even do NC programming. But you will be unable to modify the solid file, since it's history will be deleted when the DOWNWARD COMPATIBILITY is run.

If you plan to do alot of business with the customer, I strongly recommend you upgrade your system and always run the same release as your customer.

I also recommend you take a CATIA class to get up to speed as quick as possible.
need more info on how to convert the model from R17 to R16

I know that i can downgrade a model from higher version to a lower version, but i am not sure how to perfrom that in catia. can you please help me out as i have share some of my project files with my friend who is using a lower version of catia. i have looked into many options and now i am a bit frustrated with this conversion stuff, i hope u can help me out
All the information about Downward Compatibility can be found in the online documentation. Search for "Running the Downward Compatibility Batch"

Here's the basic steps to run the program from CATIA:

1. Tools + Utility
2. double-click the Downward Compatibility program
3. choose the Release level to convert to
4. click the folder icon in the Document Selection section
a. click the Member option to choose the CATPart file to be converted
b. choose your Rename option
c. click the Change Target Directory option to specify where to save the converted CATPart file
d. click OK
5. click Run to run the program
Need some more help

Thank you for the previous reply, but i have one more question on the installation of Catia, i have installed V5R18 on my Laptop which has windows XP, but when i have huge assemblies or many complicated pattern etc, my laptop runs very slow, some said me that i have to do a custom installation. i tried to do so, but i am not sure how to install it as it has two options configuration and product, which one am i suppose to choose, and what options should i choose under them to install the basic stuff like, part, drawing, product, sheet metal and surfaces, so that i can run catia pretty fast on my laptop.

Please help me out with this.

Thank you


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