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Regarding gear sets


I have been designing gear sets for transmission, but came to weird problem.
After finishing the two mating gears, I assembled them and did motion analysis, but it turned out unsuccessful, it was either the time bar went red didn't calculate at all, or the driven gear appeared to be trembling or like jammed (revolving but not mating).

I drew the gears according to machinery design textbook, and I am wondering if it's because of not considering backlash or clearance between gears? Since the teeth would be identical by theory if constructed using ordinary textbooks. Oh and they are all involute gears.
By the way one of the gear sets worked flawlessly, they mated and revolved perfectly, but again fail when I change the tooth profile to helical gear. :(

This transmission is part of my project and I really want to solve it, if anyone got experience about gears please guide me. :)