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Remove Fillets on Surfaces - SIMULIA and CATIA 3DExperience

Dear CATIA and SIMULIA Fans,

In this new tutorial, you will learn 3 different methods for removing 3 different fillets. This video is dedicated for those who works with Simulation like FEM analyst, but also Designer that prepare 3D Models.

1) 0:52 - The first method consists of using the feature called "Removed Face" for removing mechanical fillets. This feature has been designed for this purpose. It will remove automatically the fillet and trim the surfaces together.

2) 2:01 - The second method consists of using Generative Shape Design tool and remove the fillet "Manually" shaped fillets or blend, loft or complex connection. This method takes more time but works all the time. However it can get hard to do when you have too many fillets or 3 corner fillets.

3) 5:37 - The last method, is the more complex but ultimate method for removing non patched shapes. When you have a surface with no patches, you can use the reverse engineering tool to make patches. You will learn how to use specific tool to create a fillet on the surface that you can later delete and use method 2.

Hope this video is helpful !

Find the models on these GrabCad links:
- https://grabcad.com/library/mechanical-fillet-1
- https://grabcad.com/library/shape-fillet-1
- https://grabcad.com/library/no-patches-fillet-1

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