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Remove part from part


Hi all, I am trying to remove a part from a part, while keeping the part to be removed, or to get a similar result.
I have two parts. The one to be removed(a cutting blade) that needs to remain untouched. The second part, on the other hand, is a plastic piece. Basically, the blade goes into the plastic part, so in the latter I need a recess of the same geometry as the blade. Of course I would like to keep a connection to the original blade part so that if I make changes on that one they are also reflected in the cutout. I can copy the blade body to the plastic part so I can use the Boolean removal function, but then I don't know how to accurately position the blade body relative to the body of the plastic one.
Any pointers on how to proceed? Thanks
So I found a solution if anyone needs it. First of all I copied the blade body into the plastic part AS RESULT with link. However I did this opening the two parts in separate windows. The rationale behind this is that only by doing like this the copied body has a link only to the geometry and not to the position. If you copy/paste in the assembly design workbench, the link is also to the position of the blade, and you won't be able to move the instance indipendently of the original body.
After copying the blade body, I could position it's instance precisely respect to the plastic part thanks to 3d constraints, that are part of the toolbars and that I forgot existed.

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