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Removing a fillet from multiple fillet feature


New member
Can any one tell whether there a way to remove one or more fillets from a feature that contains multiple fillets? Creating multiple fillets in one operation creates one feature. It seams like making a change is all or nothing. If this functionality is not available I guess I will have to create every fillet as a separate feature.
Thanks in advance.
It is possible to remove and add as many fillets you need or even set different fillets sizes with one fillet feature. To deselect a specific fillet you press "shift" or "CTRL" and click with your left mouse button on the edge of the fillet you want ro remove. To add fillets of a different size you click "Click to add" in the dialog box and choose the edges you want and set it to a different size. If you have multiple fillets with different sizes you must highlight the specific fillet size to be able to delete or add fillets of this size. Cheers :D

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