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Rendering, coordinate system!?


New member
I have a problem in SolidWorks with coordinate system!

First of all I designed my modell in ProEngineer and then I saved my modell in STEP as file extension and then opened it in SolidWorks.

Now I want to render it but i have a huge problem with the origin set back of the modell instead of in front of the modell.

I have never worked with Photoworks or modelled in SolidWorks before!

Would be happy if someone helped me!
Hi there Zoran82,

your best bet may be this workaround:

open a new assembly and place your part in it. Then you mate it with the planes and or origin as you need it. That way the part is exactly where you want it to be with regard to the SolidWorks origin which is what you are trying to achieve.

You can then save this as an assembly or a part whichever you think best.

I know this works because I have had the same problem a few times in the past and this is the fastest way I have found to sort out this problem.

Kind regards,


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