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rendering in color


New member
Hello I am
using SW 2006 and when I try to render something in photoworks it ends up in black & white can you set something so it will render in color?

thank you
Hello Aaron,

unfortunately I can not estimate exactly what may be wrong as there are quite a few possibilities. I assume however, you do not have a monochrome monitor:)

The first thing I would think of in this situation would be: have you assigned materials (and colours) within PhotoWorks?

The next thing I would check would be the lighting. Lights can be quite problematic as they do tend to behave quite as in real life. One of the problems here is, that you are not used to seeing things from the point of view of PhotoWorks. A little practice is necessary.

Firstly check the lighting settings of every single part to make sure that they are all the same and pay particular attention to the colour of the lights! Then check to see that the lights are actually switched on in PhotoWorks.

One good way to get a reasonable result would be to use the Wizard which PhotoWorks offers.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,

George White.

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