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Rendering question


New member
I have a panel with a rectangular cutout and a dozen round holes. I've applied a casting material/texture. When I render the model a series of line appears running from the corners of the rectangular cutout to some of the hole and also from hole to hole. These "lines" ruin an otherwise nice pic. They don't appear in the model view and if I delete the material assigment they won't appear in the rendering. What are the and how do I make them go away.

Interesting problem..

Hello gordonp,

Textures are applied to surfaces, so maybe the problem is with the underlying surface integrity. What you describe reminds me of an STL tessilated (faceted) model. I'm not saying that's the problem but I would take a close look at the surfaces you are applying the texture to. A visual inspection using different types of surface contour plots should help, also try applying different different isoline values (contour lines) to the surfaces.

I've seen many surfaces that look otherwise perfectly perfect but then totally twisted and ugly when you look at the UV space of the same surfaces.

Good luck!
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