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Replace part family members by conditional statements



I am looking for a way to be able to replace members of part family in NX3 via conditional statements.
For an example:
I have a Block with hole 1" dia and a Pin 1 dia assembled into hole.
Pin is a member of part family, which has 200 standard pins.

Hole in the block changes to 1.5".

How to arange automatic replacement of Pin, without doing it manually.

I can do it easy in Pro/E since 1990.
Can not find a way in UG.

Does anybody knows?

Thanks, for your respond in advance.
from xyzgeneral

From xyzgeneral of writes:

U have created a BLOCK with a hole (dia 1") in it, in the assembly. Then u have called the "pin1.prt" (one of the family member) into this file and assembled it. Now whenever the hole dia changes say from 1" to 2" u want the pin to be replaced with another family member having the dia 2".
I assume u have template file for pin part (say pin_tm.prt) that will create 200 standard pins.

  1. Change the hole dia to 2"
  2. Right click the pin1.prt (in the assembly navigator)->substitute...-> Maintain Mating->select pin_tm.prt
  3. A dialog box is displayed in which "Family Attributes" are listed, choose dia_pin (where dia_pin is the diameter of the pin) from the list, u should see the following string in the "Criteria" text box
  4. Write dia_hole in front of it (dia_hole is the expression that controls the diameter of the hole in the assembly)
  5. click OK

    Now u should see the new family member (of dia 2") in place of pin1(of dia 1").
  6. Now suppose u change the dia of hole to 3", all u have to do is:

    right click the pin part in the assembly navigator->properties->choose parameters tab-> click update button, the family member will be automatically replaced.
U can also use macro for step 3.
Change the dia of the hole.
specify the name and path of the macro file.
Right click the pin part->substitute...-> Maintain Mating->select pin_tm.prt->selct dia_pin from the Family Attributes list->click OK
Now whenever u change the hole dia, run this macro (Ctrl+Shift->P).

Good Luck!
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