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REQ: Rhinoceros McNeel & Associates forum

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this is missing?

since the release of v4 ( on the 4th Rhino 4 New Features ) i have to say this is the most amazing 3d CADD application, please add a area here for it.


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Hello Diogenes,
This should not be a problem at all. Would you like to become the first moderator for the new Rhino 3D forum?

Thanks for the comments.
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if you want to make me one.

i don't promise i will punish anybody or anything thou


but i could keep it clean of fighting or spam

and share the vast knowledge i have from Rhinoceros since pre v1.0 betas ( 95-97 i forget) But now is a great time since Rhinoceros just became a FULL cadd prog with the release of V4.0.
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New Rhino 3D Forum is Ready!

Hello Diogenes,

The new Rhino 3D forums are ready! Would you consider becomming the first moderator for these two new forums (Rhino 3D General Forum and Rhino 3D Resource Links Forum)?

We need a good mod for these new forums. Please proceed to add as much useful Rhino info that you can to these forums. Tips, Tricks and Time Savings Techniques make the best and most visited threads. All new posts also get included in the 3DCADForums Weekly eNewsletter.

We look forward to your contributions. Also, please inform all of your Rhino user associates to come and join us here to help get these two new forums off to a booming start!

Thanks again.
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