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Rhino 4.0 Service Release 4 Release Candidate 1


Rhino 4.0 Service Release 4 Release Candidate 1 - What's New

* SelMappingWidget: New command - Selects the texture mapping widget.

Bug Fixes:

* Context menus are now enabled by default so they can be discovered by users.

Crash fixed:
o BackgroundBitmap: When a background bitmap file was deleted, Rhino could crash on startup.
o Join: An intermittant crash in the code that joins curves has been fixed.
o CPlane command.
o License manager
o Paste: Holding Ctrl+V to paste objects caused Rhino to close.
o Toolbar command crashed Rhino on Vista Home Basic OS.
* CreateUVCrv: Accuracy has been improved.
* CrvSeam: A problem flipping the direction with a mouse click has been fixed.
* CurvatureAnalysis: The false-color analysis failed on spheres. This is fixed.
* Curve/Surface intersection: Several bugs have been fixed. Affects commands such as Intersect, Split, Trim, Project, etc.
* Detail: TiltView did not work properly in detail views. This is fixed.
* Dialog boxes: A problem with dragging the undocked Layer dialog box leaving screen artifacts behind has been fixed.
* Dim: A problem with including dimension text in the model extents has been fixed.
* DimHorizontal: A problem with placing the dimension line has been fixed.
* FilletEdge: Many special case failures have been fixed.
* Intersect: Several failure bugs have been fixed.

o A problem joining the ends of an open arc to form a circle that caused the change in the radius to be greater than the model tolerance has been fixed.
o A problem with joining chained edges has been fixed.
* MatchSrf: A problem with incorrect object highlighting has been fixed.
* Mesh: A problem with unsafe cancel while processing the mesh has been fixed.
* Most recently-used commands: Command names were incorrectly being added to the MRU list. This is fixed.
* MoveUVN: Running another command that changes objects while the MoveUVN dialog box was open caused a crash. To fix this, MoveUVN will no longer allow object changes while another command is running.
* NextViewport: Cycling through floating viewports did not work properly. This is fixed.
* Open:3DM: Models could open with the viewports incorrectly displayed. This is fixed.

o A problem with title block text shifting when importing to Rhino has been fixed.
o A problem reading splinefit splines created from non-AutoCAD files has been fixed.
o Blocks with names beginning with * did not import. This is fixed.
o Trim curves on AutoCAD solids were improperly treated on import. This is fixed.

o Drag and drop operation to import SW file seemed to hang. This is fixed.
o Command line feedback when opening a file has been improved.
o When opeining an SW assembly, all the parts are placed in a group. Subsequent assemblies were incorreclty placed in the same groups as the first ones. This is fixed. Now subsequent assemblies are grouped separately
* Osnap:Mid: In some cases, the Mid object snap did not work properly on surface edges. This is fixed.
* Paste: When pasting from the Clipboard, a model's basepoint is now assigned to 0,0,0.
* PlanarSrf: Self-intersecting curves were incorrectly reported causing the command to fail. This is fixed.
* Plug-ins: Plug-in based menu items do not display help strings on status bar. This is fixed.
* Print: A problem with Dots with long text strings were not printing properly has been fixed.
* Save:FBX: Nodes must have unique names regardless of what they are. If layer names are the same as object names, for example, nothing is exported. This is fixed.
* Save:STEP: Some problems exporting STEP files have been fixed.
* Saving text from dialog boxes: List command is an example. The text out dialog dialog did not save a unicode-encoded text file. This is fixed.
* SetUserText: A problem with saving user text on light objects has been fixed.
* ShrinkTrimmedSrf sometimes continued to claim that it is shrinking surfaces even after they have been shrunk and even after they have been untrimmed and shrunk. This is fixed.
* SmartTrack: In floating viewports, the Ctrl key did not add SmartPoints. This is fixed.
* SpaceBall: A problem with selected object highlighting has been fixed.
* Split: An error splitting polycurves has been fixed.
* TextObject: Right-to-left reading text did not work properly. This is fixed.

Texture Mapping:
o The mapping widget was incorrectly clipped or invisible in some views. This is fixed.
o The Equalize and Size to objects buttons were dropped for V4. They have been restored.

o Several failure bugs have been fixed.
o A problem with the interaction of curves near surface and closed curve seams has been fixed.
* ViewCaptureToFile: If the z-axis was displayed and the DrawCPlaneAxes option was set to no, the z-axis was incorrectly shown in the capture. This is fixed.
* Viewports: If the command prompt is not docked, Ctrl+Tab to cycle through viewports failed. This is fixed.
* What: The printout of edge and vetex tolerances for surfaces and polysurfaces was incorrect. This is fixed.

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