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Rhino 4.0 SR1 RC1


Rhino 4.0 SR1 RC1 27-Apr-2007 Download

just announced today.

What's New, SR1 RC1 27-Apr-2007 (27-Apr-2007)
New Features:

* Most crashes users reported using the Rhino crash reporting system have been fixed.
* Vista OS: Problems with Rhino running on Microsoft Vista have been fixed.

Enhanced Features:

* Layer: If you are in the middle of editing a layer name, pressing the Tab key acts like the equivalent of pressing Enter and then the New Layer button.
* Layout: PageLayout is now a built-in alias for the Layout command
* Length: Now allows surface edge selection.

Bug Fixes:

* ArrayCrvOnSrf, Divide option: The resulting obects were one fewer then the number requested. This is fixed.

o Incorrectly deleted notes being typed when autosave occurred. This is fixed.
o Now checks for invalid path names.
* BackgroundBitmap, Scale: Deleted the image. This is fixed.

o The edge chainer did not stop after going around a closed hole the first time. Edges from both surfaces were incorrectly added to the chain, one after the other. Now the autochaining should stop as soon as the chain forms a closed loop.
o The Perpendicular object snap now works when adding additional section curves.
* Boolean2Objects: Could create a single disjoint polysurface. This is fixed.
* Check: Did not always find bad surfaces. This is fixed.

o Now intermediate commands in scripts will not force the help to update.
o The help window no longer requires a mouse click to set focus. This means the window will scroll as soon as the mouse is over it.
* Detail: A problem with the scale display has been fixed.
* DocumentProperties: The preview image of a perspective viewport was not properly saved. This is fixed.
* Dot: Zoom Extents did not work properly with annotation dots. This has been improved.
* DupBorder: Incorrectly did not duplicate the border of a selected face in a closed polysurface. This is fixed.
* EvaluatePt: The display did not show negative coordinates with preceding hyphens. This is fixed.
* ExtendCrvOnSrf: Works better now to exclude curve ends not on the surface within tolerance.
* ExtrudeCrv: Typing C to toggle capping incorrectly changed the extrusion direction. This is fixed.
* Faro digitizer: Failed to properly register. This is fixed.
* Fillet: In some cases, the fillet arc extended the wrong direction. This is fixed.

o Sometimes created a bad surface. This is fixed.
o The feedback color was incorrectly set to black instead of the object wireframe color. This is fixed.
o When the RailType is DistFromEdge, the fillet cross section is not an arc, but the feedback handles incorrectly showed the section as an arc.
* Join: Incorrectly created inside-out closed polygon. This is fixed.
* Layout: Dimensions and Distance gave different answers based on the zoom level. This is fixed.

Licence Manager:
o A conflict when user name had an ampersand (&) has been fixed.
o If a workgroup node can not connect to the Zoo, Rhino will now ask for a cd-key.
* Match: Incorrect results occurred in some circumstances. This is fixed.
* MatchMeshEdge: Crash bug fixed.
* MeshOutline: Failed to create curves in ortho views. This is fixed.
* MoveUVN: If more than one control point was selected, only one of the points moved properly. Other points moved more than the specified distance. This is fixed.
* New: When using a template files with fewer than four viewports, four viewports were incorrectly created anyway. This is fixed.
* Notes: Autosave while typing notes incorrectly deleted the notes. This is fixed.
* OffsetCrvOnSrf: Crash bug fixed.
* OffsetSrf: Edge curves did not align properly under some circumstances. This is fixed.
* OffsetSrf: It was not possible to select faces in a polysurface. This is fixed.
* OnCrv object snap: Crash when selecting a surface edges. This is fixed.

o Layers were not handled correctly when .dgn was used as a worksession file. This is fixed.
o A crash bug has been fixed.
* Open:DWG/DXF: A crash occurred whtn there were proxy objects in the DWG file. The crash is fixed. Rhino does not support proxy objects.

o Scripting crosshair visibility did not work properly. This is fixed.
o There was no provision for exporting and importing the top level of Context menu settings in Options>Context menu. This is fixed.
o Sub-pages did not appear as options in the script version. This is fixed.
o Advanced Display: The curve thickness can no longer be set to 0.
* OptionsPage: The Render page incorrectly appeared as an option for this command. This is fixed.

o Now the Alt key enables the osnap dialog only when dragging point-like objects (for example, control points).
It no longer enables the dialog when dragging whole objects.
o Near: Apparent Ortho/Int snapping failed. This is fixed.
* PictureFrame: Luminosity now set high so that lights do not affect the image.
* Print: Settings are now saved between sessions.
* PrintDisplay: The display was not updating correctly when changing the width for a layer. This is fixed.
* ProjectToCPlane: Failed when using polycurve or arcs. This is fixed.
* Properties: Setting isocurve density to 0 did not work properly. This is fixed.
* RailRevolve: The result could be incorrectly rotated in some cases. This is fixed.

o Incorrect preview color fixed.
o Now gives feedback on failure.
* Rib: The rib direction could be incorrect in some cases. This is fixed.
* RoundHole/RevolvedHole/PlaceHole: Did not properly display the current object isocurves. This is fixed.

o 3DS: A problem with exporting bumpmap files has been fixed.
o FBX: Command failed when no material is set for the objects. This is fixed.
o WMF: Incorrectly did not allow setting a width. This is fixed.
o LWO/FBX: Incorrectly did not allow scripting without prompts. This is fixed.
* SetView: The World Bottom view was not properly created. This is fixed.
* Smash: Point objects were improperly placed in some circumstances. This is fixed.
* SpaceBall/Mouse: It is now again possible to set the rotation/translation scale to a negative value to flip the puck direction.
* Split: Several bugs have been fixed.
* SplitMeshEdge: A display bug has been fixed.
* Splop: Did not properly pay attention to flipped normals. This is fixed.
* Spotlight: A problem with dragging spotlight control points has been fixed.

o Minimizing floating toolbars and dialog boxes hs been improved.
o Several errors in the button macros have been corrected.
o You can now select more than one toolbar at a time from the list of toolbars that appears when you right-click the docking area.

o Broke History without warning. This is fixed.
o Edges from tangent curves were merged after trim. They no longer are.
* UnrollSrf: Several bugs have been fixed.
* Untrim: Incorrectly allowed selecting an unjoined polysurface edge. This is fixed.

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