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RhinoTerrain 1.0 released


RhinoTerrain for Rhino 4.0

RhinoTerrain SARL today announced the release of RhinoTerrain 1.0 for Rhinoceros 4.0, a plug-in for generation and analysis of accurate 3D terrain models for use in Architecture, Survey, Civil Engineering and Landscaping practices plus support for output to 3d printers. Features include:
Fast Terrain Creation - Support for input using points, lines and curves with HardBreaklines and SoftBreakline options. RhinoTerrain will work with very large data sets at speed, supporting several million input points.
True terrain visualization - OrthoPhoto mapping with geographical referencing for true terrain visualization or 3d printing.
Contour Curve Generation - Supporting automatic contour height annotation, making full use of multicore processors for larger terrains.
Slope and height gradient analysis - User defined color gradient options, producing beautiful images.
Terrain Import - USGS DEM (Digital Elevation Model) and ArcView ShapeFile importer

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