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Rotate Imported parts



I am fairly new to Solidworks and trying to do something that sounds simple but I cannot figure it out.
I imported a part which is at about a 23 degree angle into solidworks. I need to rotate the part in the part file so I can create a drawing and the standard views show up properly. How do you rotate a part in a part file?
select the body to move
in the sidebar select translate/rotate
you can either drag the body around with pointer or enter position deltas in the sidebar
Rotate imported parts

If you are just needing a normal view for drawings, you can create a "new view" in your orientation dialog (the dialog that pops up when you hit your space bar) normal to the surface in question.

Before you create your drawing...
If the surface you would like to be "looking at" is planar, select the surface and then click "*Normal To" then click to add a "New View" (located right next to the thumb tack on the Orientation dialog) and give it a good name. (Hint: I always have my Orientation dialog open. Just depress the "Thumbtack" to keep it active.)

Now you can use this view "orientation" when you make your drawing. Create a view in your drawing as you normally would, then select your named view from the Orientation dialog in the view properties (displays when you select the drawing view).

No rotation required...

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