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Scaling parts down


New member
I have just been told that the the assembly that I have needs to be scaled down to 30% of its current size. Is it possible to do and how can I do this to each part without having to re-assemble the model or change the dimensions individually? Thanks in advance.
While I don't think you can scale an assembly automatically, you can scale parts without having to edit dimensions individually. In Wildfire 3, in the Edit Menu, there is a Scale Model option.
Open your assembly, show your Model Tree, expand all subassemblies (filtering out features may make this easier), select your first part and then "activate" it. Select Edit/Scale Model and enter your the scale value. It should ask you to select yes or no; yes will complete the action and no will revert to the old value. Activate the next part and "scale" again. Once you've completed all parts in the assembly, choose your top assembly and "activate" it. Finish by regenerating. Depending on your assembly relationships, there may be some cleanup to do.
Large assemblies can prove to be quite time consuming, so if anyone else has a better method, I'd like to know.
Open the assembly,subassembly, every were those part are, then open part edit/ scale part by part and the assemblies or sub assemblies will pick up. Don't worry about your assembly constrains, it won't do a thing to it.

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