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screw holes / component clearances


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I don't use Catia on daily (or monthly) basis, so I don't know this.
I have a few questions.

-when adding screws to the assembly is there a way of adding the holes too, at the same time. For example; you have two plates in the assembly, and you just want to drop a screw in there, with holes and everything....

-is there a way to set a standard clearance around a component. For example; if you drop a standard bushing, in the assembly, and you want certain clearance around the head.....

Pointing me in the right place to get the answer would help too
Screw holes:

In the Assembly Design workbench, there are a set of tools in the Assembly Feature toolbar that allow you do things like add holes to several parts in the assembly.

Component Clearance:

There is a clearance capability in the AEC (Plant Design) set of tools for defining a volume around a piece of equipment/pipe/duct/wire, but I'm unaware of a similar tool in the Mechanical Design arena. You could add a surface (or a solid in a different PartBody) to define the "keep out" area. Layers and Visualization Filters would be a good way to turn the clearance geometry on/off.
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I was able to solve both problems with the use of Assembly Features menu.

I used one part body to create the actual part, and another part body to create the hole around it (I’m surprised you can have a negative feature by it self in the part...)...when assembled, I used add remove to remove the hole around it from another part....

I also discovered "reuse patter" & symmetry in assembly mode and I love it (I’m a newbie - easily impressed.)

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