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Section line object associativity



I made a drawing from a model and included a section view with a lot of detail. After making changes to the model many dimensions AND the section line in the main view turned yellow, indicating that there was no longer an association with the model features. I can fix the dimensions with the Edit/Drafting Object Associativity but can't seem to find how to fix the section line. Is there a way to redefine the associativity of the section line without starting over?
Edit section

Highlight the section line, right click and select Edit. This will allow you to redefine the section.

Is your model parametric? You should not have lost any associativity if you have a parametric model and edit the parameters.
Edit -> Section Line, pick the secion line, make sure "move segment" is selected, pick the point/location you want to associate it to, and Apply.

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