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Section views and detail views


New member

I have a weldment and I want to create different drawings on different sheets. I want to create the base view on sheet 1 and a full page section on sheet 2 and some large detail views on other sheets. What are the options that I have to create a detail or section on sheet 2 using the base view on sheet 1.

Thanks in advance.
You can either create a view from a base view which is outside the drawing border (anything outside the border will not print) or create a view on sheet 1 then, in the browser, drag the view to sheet 2.
One caveat. We often do this technique, but have found the best results with creating the main view on one page, duplicating this view off-sheet on the following page outside the drawing limits, and then using that view to generate the new section. We have had more drawing failures down the road when a view is dragged from one sheet to another. careful how many sections/details you generate on one page, and also how many sections or details you derive from other sections or views. IMHO this is one of our biggest failure modes.

Create section view on sheet one and then move the section view to sheet two. Now drag the section view from the drawing browser into sheet two. Do the same way for any other child views.

Hope this helps.

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