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Seed Files


New member
Hi all,

New to this forum sorry about my first post being a question but I need this answered asap if anyone can help!

I am trying to set up a seed file in Catia V5 for a standard drawing template to be used throughout my company. I want the drawing template to automatically load if anyone on the network starts to produce a drawing e.g. start - drawing - A3 - my border will auto load.

Can anyone give any information on the process for doing this? I am new to using Catia and do not have a good grasp of the software and its procedures as of yet.
I know I could have everyone do a File - New From approach however would like to take it a step further.

Any information is greatly appreciated - thanks in advance guys / girls.



Super Moderator

Sounds like you're looking for more automation, but have you explored modifying and using the Frame & Titleblock script method that Dassault intended to be used for this?


New member

Thanks for the response,

No I have not tried this (didnt know about it) I am a recent graduate and have only previously used SolidWorks and SolidEdge etc..

Could you inform me of the process involved in completing this?

Any information appreciated as once I know what to look for i'm confident I can do some research myself and figure it out.

Thanks again



Super Moderator
David, I can describe the process a user would go through:

1. Start a new drawing, and specify a paper size (A2) and drawing standard (ISO).

2. use EDIT + BACKGROUND VIEW to switch to the background


3a. choose a sample script
3b. choose CREATE
3c. click OK

4. use EDIT + WORKING VIEWS to switch out of the background

Besides adding the drawing frame, the scripts fill in some of the titleblock info automatically.

To change the paper size; use File + Page Setup, and then follow the steps above to RESIZE the drawing frame.

I'm not a programmer or system admin guy, but I've been told you can find the sample F&TB scripts by searching for their names and then copy and customize them to your company titleblock. I'm sure the CATIA online documentation will have instructions on how to do this.

The system admin guys where I work have written a macro that is similar to the scripts, but with a different interface. In our case, we pull the titleblock information from our PLM system.

I've seen alot of posts about an "IBM titleblock makro" that I believe is a free download from IBM. Might be worthwhile to check this out as well. CATIA Titleblock macro Version 4.2.0 now available here - News - CATIAV5 Forum

Good Luck
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