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Selecting items



I heard from some one that in V4 you can select multiple items by colour etc., How can the same be done in V5.
This can be done thru EDIT/SEARCH where you can make selections by specific colors line types etc. Select EDIT/SEARCH and hit the F1 key for detailed information for using this function. Selecting Using the Search... Command (General Mode).

EDIT + SEARCH is the best way to select by color, as Larry recommended.

Once you've become familiar with the colors, there is a shortcut you can use with the Power Input field in the lower-right corner of the screen. You can select everything that is color #33 by typing col=*33

Some other colors I've become familiar with:

col=*25 will select everything red
col=*35 will select everything green
col=*26 will select everything yellow

col=white will select everything white (but it doesn't seem to work with other colors)

Another shortcut is to use the UP and DOWN arrows to recall things you've previously typed into the Power Input field.

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