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Sheet metal error


New member
When i try to work out an example given in documentation,

I opened Sheet metal Production -workbench and opened the part.

when i do walls recognition it tells that-
You are trying to create a sheet metal part in the Sheet metal design workbench.
Sheet metal parts can only be created in the Generative Sheetmetal DEsign Workbench.
Please select Generative Sheetmetal Design Workbench to create your new part.

plz suggest


Super Moderator
As you probably noticed, there are several sheetmetal products/workbenches available in CATIA. The first one, Sheetmetal Design was replaced with Generative Sheetmetal Design, included more capabilities and better algorithms. But, the newer workbench isn't compatible with the oriignal one.

The message you got means you are using the wrong workbench. You should use the Generative Sheetmetal Design workbench in order ot work with the training material.

Unless you are working with old sheetmetal parts, you should always use the Generative Sheetmetal Design workbench - it's much better.
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