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sheet metal rad


New member
Is there any way to have different rads on diferent bends on the part.

I set .063 rad in the perametars, but i need this rad to be a bit bigger.


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In V5R14 You have the option to change the default Rad by selecting the clearance option from the Wall On Edge Definition Box...See attached pic for clarity...Nice Progress BTW!


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Just a thought. In your screen dump it is showing the dimmed standard
value and the formula symbol. Would it not be possible to right click on the "f"
symbol and edit the formular? If sheet metal is conform with other Catia workbenches you would simply need to + the extra size you require for the radius to increase it.
Should avoid having to use the flange tool.
That's the first thing i tried. Somtimes it works, and sometimes it gives an error...... I couldn't get it to work in this perticular case
my foult.

i was typing in the radius in the formula space, when i should have just erased it and typed it in the first box.....

duhhh:rolleyes: :D :cool:


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Spider, I noticed you are erasing the formula and typing your required size in the original box. This can sometimes lead to problems if you have extensively paremitised your model. A more stable way is to leave the original formula which is contained within the inverted commas '..........' and add your amendment as a mathmatical equation onto the end e.g.
'Sheet Metal Parameter.1\Bend Radius' + .25in or if you are using metric
'Sheet Metal Parameter.1\Bend Radius' + 6.3mm
Actually any mathematical sign can be added. However, remember to leave a space after the last ' before you start adding. This method not only keeps the model robust it also allows the re-introduction of the original value by simply deleting the additions.

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