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Sheetmetal Help


New member
Hey guys new to the forums as well as SW. I work for a race car fab shop, and am doing a senior thesis on a pro-modified rear end. However I am having trouble getting one of the parts to line up. Here are some pictures of what it is supposed to look like, what I have done, and then what I cant accomplish.

Put together before welding

So here it is modeled

Everything done but the cones

Here is the cone

We had everything drawn in AutoCAD so I just imported them and then 3D'd it. So no measurements changed. However it seems the the cone is not tall enough where it meets the center section, nor does it follow the same angle that the faceplate does that it needs to get welded to.

Can anyone help me out here, maybe send you the two files and mess around with the cones. I have spent the last 2 days trying everthing I know to get them to line up but it just wont work.
Sheetmetal Diff Housing issues...

Matt, one thing that you might try would be to-while working in the assemby, insert a new part-then you can convert the edges of both the center section cover and the 4-link mounting plate and do a loft between them, then you can convert to a sheet metal part and add your bend lines where you need them. I too have had issues converting ACAD/Desktop files to Solidworks.
It's just a thought, I didn't try it, but I have done kind of similar stuff in the past.
I've found that sometimes it's easier to just re-model them in Solidworks, in the end it's faster...
You could probably re-model the center section piece too and get rid of the funny looking bends.
Good Luck!
Ed Poole C.S.W.P.
The Cly-Del Mfg. Co.
Waterbury, CT

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