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SimLab Animated 3D PDF contest


New member

SimLab Soft starts the animation contest.

To participate in the animation contest:

Pick the 3D models for your scene. Animate your scene using SimLab Composer (Animation edition), and export the result as a rendered movie, or an animated 3D PDF file.

Prizes will be distributed in two categories:

1- Best rendered movie
2- Best animated 3D PDF file

The prizes will be as following ( 3 prizes for each category ):

1- First prize: IPad
2- Second Prize: IPod touch
3- Third prize: IPod shuffle

Each user can participate with as many entries as desired, but will be limited to one prize.

· The contest starts today.
· Last day for submitting animations will be the 29th of December,
· Voting by SimLab Forum users (www.simlabforum.com) will be open between the 30th of December and until the 2nd of January.
· With the end of the voting period, prizes will be mailed to the winners.

Animation topic is open so please feel free to pick you topic, sample topics may include steps for assembling a part, animated machine, architectural walkthrough, showing a 3D concept, or a small entertainment movie.

Anybody can participate in the contest:

Even if you do NOT have a license of SimLab Composer, you can use a trial version, a trial version for Windows and Mac can be downloaded from http://www.simlab-soft.com/3d-produc...ser-trial.aspx

Creating Animations using SimLab Composer is straight forward and easy to master. Start by taking a look at those two quick animation tutorials.

To learn more, look at the animation section in the help document, available in SimLab composer under Help -> Help topics

If you needed any help, please post your questions to the SimLab Composer Animation Edition section in the forum www.simlabforum.com , help and support will be provided for all participants in the contest.