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simple tap hole



cant figure it out....someone help before I go bananas.......make a circle, dimension it....then extrude it to form a touch face of insert, features, hole, your tap next.....says...please enter dimensions to locate the center of the is where my problem starts.....I right click my mouse and get the diminsion icon and then the dimension incon comes up but dont know what to do from there.....tried different things if I just press insert, featrues, hole, wizard and press next and touch face of cylinder..... a box comes up stating that the points to locate holes are not constrained.......that is when I place the cursor in the center of the cylinder....If I place the cursor anywhere else on the face of the cylinder I get my tap hole....but I want the tap to be in the center of the cylinder...I hope I didnt confuse any of person going bananas is enough....any help would be greatly appreciated....I thing the answer to my problem lies in placing the cursor in the center of the cylinder and doing something after that.......
forgetaboutit I figured it out

thanks everybody......I figured it out and am able to move the tap hole where I want it to figure out how to put it exactly where I want it....I can move the hole anywhere within the cylinder face but to put it exactly where I want it on the challenge
its again easy man

2 need to give 3 constrains for it

1st with the cylindrical surface.

2nd distance from any of the fat face

3rd create a plane passing thr u the postion u want 2 place ur hole and give the constrain

i can send u the sample file by tommrow


Deepak Gupta

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