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Simplified Assemblies


Loren J

I am new to pro E and wondering what is the method to inserting the simplified version of a assembly to another assembly?

Thanks for any help.
Here are some resources you can review as you wait for an experienced Pro/E user to respond. They are from our site.

External Simplified Representation See tip link for description.
Source:MCAD Central Hits: 62 Date: 07-10-2005

External Simplified Representation External simplified representation offers all existing capability through the creation of a new asse...More...
Source:PTC Hits: 53 Date: 04-16-2006

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Managing The Display Of Assemblies Using Simplified Representations Ignoring details in Pro/E -- such as bolts in an assembly -- can increase display speed.
Source:PTC Express Hits: 23 Date: 09-15-2005

Placing Drawing Views Of A Part Simplified Rep Learn a fast method to save views and assign mapkeys to speed the process.
Source:ProFiles Magazine Hits: 27 Date: 06-01-2002

Pro/engineer Ecad Functionality: What You Don’t Know PCB design using IDF files and tool from Simplified Solutions.
Source:PTC Express Hits: 58 Date: 05-29-2006

Simplified Representation in Wildfire 2.0 What does Simplified Representation mean in Pro/E Wildfire 2.0?***Free Registration Required***
Source:ProE Community Hits: 62 Date: 12-10-2006

Simplified Representations Problem See tip link for description. Hits: 16 Date: 06-17-2005

Simplified Reps See tip link for description Hits: 40 Date: 02-27-2005

Top-Ten List of Enhancements in Wild Fire 3.0 Lesser pop-ups, simplified commands, ASME Y14.41 set datum tags, and more.***Free Regitration Requir...More...
Source:Pro/E Community Hits: 65 Date: 11-18-2006

Updating A Simplified Drawing In Wildfire How to convert an "old-style" simplified drawing (with suppressed features) into a Wildfir...More...
Source:ProFiles Magazine Hits: 23 Date: 03-12-2005

Wildfire 3.0: Benefits For Everyday Users? favorite enhancements include part simplified representations in drawings, horizontal text for radiu...More...
Source:CAD Admin & Pro/E Help Hits: 295 Date: 06-05-2006

Good Luck!
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