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Sketch according to a funktion


New member
I wanner create a Shaft, where I define the sketch whit a mathematical function, but can’t find any way to do this.

Perhaps any of you members know how this can be don???

Best regards

What kind of mathematical function do you want to use? Could you give us an example of what the shaft will look like?
I want to create a parabolic shaft, whit a max OD of 25mm, an a lenght of 350mm, this give me the funktion y=(350/12,5^2)x^2

Best regards

First, I have to say Parabolic curves (or any kind of conic curve) can be created directly in a CATIA sketch. Use INSERT+PROFILE+CONIC to get the tools.

But to answer your question: I did a search and found several threads that describe how to make a curve from a math equation. Here are links to two:

This was in Eng-Tips:

CATIA products - Spiral cmd

And this was in COE:
Curve creation using Equations > Active Discussions > COE
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