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? sketch in section details?????


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Hello. I am having problems in showing mo info in my section details. I click on the section view window and pick sketch. Now I am in sketch mode I click to draw a line horizontal. I need to make it .06 off the top edge and .05 off the bottom edge. I Project Geometry and that turns light blue went I high light and pick my edges. Now I click to dimension from the edge to the new line but my project edges go away and I have no outside edge to place a dimension to make my different offsets.

What do I do? Can I break the link to the section view and make it a draft view? This software is 2 steps back compared to S.E. on what should be simple stuff.

Or am I going to have to redraw each section detail I need to and more line to?



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I think what you are missing is that you must right click and select "Done" at the end of your selection of projected geometry. When you do that, you will see that the geometry is definitely projected into the sketch.

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