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Sketching an ellipse at a given angle



Can some one explain how to create an ellipse at an given angle in sketching mode.
Thanks in advance
The ellipse tool in Pro/E is set up to produce an ellipse with the major axis horizontal or vertical.

If I understand the question correctly and you would like the major axis to be at some other angle, you will probably get there sooner by turning the part. That is, create a datum plane at the angle you want your ellipse. As you enter the sketcher, choose your sketching plane, then where it says 'Reference' (this is for WF2) choose your angled plane to be the top or side, as appropriate. You can still choose your primary datum planes as sketcher references, just not as the orientation reference. --DG
Hi Basil,
Do one of the following things:
1) If you use create datum when creating the feature you can then modify the angle within the feature itself.
2) Or, you can modify the angle by going to the model tree and clicking the plus sign and then selecting the datum, then RMB and edit. {This is for WildFire 2 for 2001 you need to select feature and then modify}
3) If you create an angled datum plane and then select this for your left or right sketcher orientation and then you can sketch an ellipse at any angle you need.
I hope this is helpful.

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