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Solid Edge & Inventor 2009 Conflict


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I am having a problem where my Solid Edge software will crash whenever I try to acces the Materials Table.

I found a reference to the same problem on this website:

"CAD Blog- Solid Edge & Inventor 2009 Conflict. We have Solid Egde V20 and have installed Autodesk Inventor 2009 suite onto the same workstation. We have now noticed that if you click on the Material Table command in Solid Edge it crashes.

Has anyone else experienced this issue ?
CAD Blog

This problem with me likewise first occurred after installing Autodesk Inventor Suite 2009 on the same pc. Since then I have removed Autodesk Inventor, have even removed all Autodesk software and tried to remove all references to Autodesk software in the registry, but it still happens.

This at first led me to doubt wether Inventor 2009 really was the cause of the problem. However on my other pc where I have both programs installed, I have the same problem. None of the people I work with have this problem with Solid Edge, and not coincidentally, none of them have Inventor 2009 installed.

I reported the problem with Solid Edge two weeks ago but I have not heard back from them yet. I also reported it with Autodesk, but not surprisingly, it didn't get a huge response.

Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, found a solution?

EDIT - you'd find this in the crash log:

Exception code: 0xc0000005 (Access violation).
Attempted to write at 0x00000070.


Most recent command: 0x486ea6c9 CmdExe cmdId = 45163 cmdEnv = "Part" cmdTip = "Material Table"
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i have got the same problem.
i am using Solid Edge v19 and recently Installed Inventor 2009. Now i can't acces Material tables in solid edge.

also after inventor instalation with each reboot i receive an error "SQL writer"

i think that all problems are connected with SQL which is installed by inventor

i have no maintenace so i cant download updates to solid edge :(
i have got the same problem.

after instalation of Inventor 2009 i can't acces material table in Solid Edge.
i am using Solid Edge v19. (company i work for, don't have support from SE reseller so i can't dl updates)

Also after instalation with every reboot sql error apears. "SQL Writer":(



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