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Solid Edge V19 RTM!


You have told us on another post that you are testing V19.
You have us green with envy..

Please let us know what you find that you like
& what PC system you are testing on.


Hi William,

I'm currently testing V19 on my DELL precision M60.
There're a whole lot of new features in V19 that i would like to share with you all, but unfortunately i don't have the 25th hour of the day to explore in depth yet. Anyway, i'll keep you guys posted on it. If you can't wait, ask your nearest reseller for more details. =)

Well...Yes, i guess? :rolleyes:

There're quite a number of major enhancements in V19 of Solid Edge.

  1. 64-bit support for SE V19.
  2. Improved helper graphics (visual)
  3. Auto-dimensioning while creating profiles.
  4. VB for material editor.
  5. New PMI feature. (Dimensions in 3D model space)
  6. 3D section views.
  7. Direct opening of SolidWorks files.
  8. Import/Export JT format. (Lightweight 3D model)
  9. Thumbnail support in Edgebar.
  10. User Defined BOM table.
  11. Bend table for sheetmetal.
  12. Contour Flange on curved edges.
  13. SheetMetal Cross-Brake feature.
  14. Divided bends for lofted flanges. (Bends within a bend)
  15. Extend/Match face option for SheetMetal flange.
  16. Any many, many more! I just can't list them all! :eek:

This is so cool! I guess i'll have to spend more time on V19 now. I wish i can...still have to work on NX. ;)

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