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Solid Edge V20. What you would like to see in this next release?


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As Solid Edge V20 is scheduled to be released sometime between Q2 & Q3 this year, i've heard from many users on what new functionalities or improvements they loved to see in this next release. :rolleyes:

Hence, to make sure our loyal Solid Edge users' voices are heard, i thought it'll prove useful to start this thread. Please feel free to pour in your views and wish lists on what you would love to see or not to see in Solid Edge V20. :)

All inputs will be reviewed and constructive suggestions and improvements will be submitted as enhancement requests (ERs) for development.

Help us to help you better! ;)

The capability to draw and design electrical engineering drawings would be nice.
I have asked questions about this type of feature before.

This is however maybe out of reach for SE because it is a package centred on 3D drawings and mechanical design.

There is however I think still a need for 2D drawings for electrical enigeneers that is as easy as SE to work with.

I am sure that the mechanical designers have other features in mind that is of more importance.

Improvements on SE Diagramming?

Hi William,

Thank you for your input.
Yes, i remembered this question from you previously upon the release of V19.

With V19, Solid Edge released the Diagramming functionality to enable engineers develop electrical, P&ID and other diagrams by leveraging industry-standard libraries of 2D blocks and quickly connecting them together with associative connectors. You're also able to perform on-the-fly conversion from DWG drawings.

Is there anything in particular you would like SE Diagramming to improve on?
Please kindly elaborate. Thanks!

**Attached white paper of SE Diagramming **



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i'd like to see SE finally fix the perfromce with the drafting environment. this is got to be the biggest issue from everyone i've talked to. i have machine layouts that take 10 hours to update, sometimes not at all. 3d design is great, but people need 2d prints to build.
A criticism of 3D CAD in general.

This thread is rather old but before I proceed to expound on what I think is holding back 3D CAD packages in general I would like to comment on some of the things that was said here. Bill, SE like SW and Pro/E before it are generic 3D modelers. It can model almost anything that can be manufactured. Including PCB, electrical panels and switch gears. If you want to draw electric circuit diagrams as Andrew has mentioned, since V19, SE has included the excellent diagraming tools. As for dbowen's comment, I am lost there. In modern 3D packages, CAD users don't draw, they model. Drawing is automatically generated from the models. Of course it still needs to be annotated for it to be of any use. Other than that, there is no "drawing" work. Everything is associative. That means any change made to the models are reflected in the drawings. So, I don't understand what that "10 hours to update" is all about.

Now, on to what I intend to say. I find it baffling that no one has taught about why AutoCAD continues to dominate the market and dwg has become the defacto industry standard for CAD data. It should have been as obsolete as WordStar and WordPerfect is but it isn't. The answer is this, competing systems are inflexible. Meaning, it is not backward compatible. 3D makers think this is an essential policy for its continuous growth. By doing so, it forces its customers to continually upgrade. This policy puts off a lot of customers. Take for example, the very excellent freeware, ProgeCAD. It not only allows users to save in the latest 2007 dwg format but also in past formats going all the way back to Release 2.5. Supposing a ProgeCAD user need to work with a contractor who is still using AutoCAD 2002, no problem. This is why I think AutoCAD rules and others are always lagging behind.

Not to be accused of going off tangent, I would like to see in the next release, backward compatibility included.

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