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solid modelling pipework


New member
can anyone give me some advice.
trying to do some pipework layouts using solid modelling
various pipework going in various directions
what is best method to achieve this, tried using 3d polyline used as path
bust this will only give sharp edges i want bends, will not let me fillet
tried exploding fillet and then turn back into polyline for path, can not get this to work.
tried making 3d blocks but found this long winded
can anyone suggest a good method to produce pipework layouts in 3d
is it best to use extrude or sweep? i am getting a bit lost on this do not know what method.
using autocad 2007

3d Pipe

Hope someone comes along with something better but here's how I do it.
Method 1. Create your 3d path from individual straight lines and fillets. Extrude you pipe o.d. along the first segment using the "path" option. Now using the extrude face command select the "face" on the end at your next segment (radius) and extrude it alond the next path. Continue till complete. This however, gives on solid instead of pieces.

Method 2. extrude you straight sections and (1) each of each different bend angle/rad. copy radius components to addition location from center to center and rotate as required in to place.

Hope this helps!
IMO, the best way to do a piping solid model is to take the time up front and create your necessary fittings and lengths of straight pipe accurately according to piping tables. Then just copy the parts as needed, slicing the straight pipe as it would be required to be cut and rolling the fittings appropriately. This should give you a more accurate model and help with generating BOM and weld maps.

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