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SolidEdge Losing Relationships (constraints) when Trimming Entities


New member
Good Afternoon Everyone. Hope all is well. I have recently started using SolidEdge 2019. To give you a quick background I am a certified Mechanical Design Specialist in Catia as well as a certified Solidworks professional. I know all about constraints and relationships while sketching profiles very, very well. However......

For some reason I am struggling like crazy to fully define sketches in SolidEdge. This is getting frustrating as sketches start to become more complex. Here is an example of an issue I am having....I create some line entities and I constrain using the symmetry relation. I extend a one of the line segments trim it to another intersecting line segment and KABLAM!! I loose the symmetry relationship!!. I noticed that trimming entities loses constraints like crazy!!!.

The real issue is that I can see which lines are not constrained because they are still blue but I cannot move them around to see how they are not constrained. How can this be?? What am I doing wrong.

Anybody else have this issue??