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Solidworks 2006: Roll forming

Model a regular tube first, add the sheet metal features, roll back the 'process bends' feature, cut the shape you want in the rectangular rolled out sheet, then roll forward the feature tree.
Solidworks 2006- Roll forming

The plate I need to roll starts off as a trapezoid (2 sides taper in) not as a rectangular plate. Solidworks wouldn't allow me to insert a sketched bend on this shape.
Form a conical solid, make a shell. Cut a smal split out of the cone.
Select the edge of the split and insert Sheet-Metal feature.
Solidworks 2006- Roll forming

Thanks for your feedback, but in this case the rolling axis is not between the tapered sides, its across them (between the parallel sides).

I think i have made it.
Look the attached part!


    79.7 KB · Views: 61
Hey, nice thing. Could you explain for me how you got a sheetmetal part out of it? So you could unfold it.
thanks, I was first thiking how you got Process-Bends, I hava a thicken surface i would like to unfold. It would be great if any one knew of a program that allows me to unfold a serial of surfaces and spread it out on a sheet with minimal waste of material. So that i can cut them out.

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