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SolidWorks 2007 saves files as Acrobat 3D...I think!


New member
Just read an article thats says the new 2007 release of SolidWorks allows users to save SW files as Acrobat 3D.
Is this the final solution to Acrobat 3D not supporting SW 2006??
Does this mean that we now have the full functionality of Acrobat 3D with the latest version of SolidWorks??
Any one got anymore info on this??

I was using acrobat 3d with SW2006, I was going through the wrl interface.

I think the new interface will send textures better than the wrl. I also hope 2007 sends animations, couldn't figure this out with adobe. I liked the 3D editor that came with acrobat it seems functional. I also like the javascript macros that they have embedded in the acrobat product.

I'm not real crazy about the 17meg down it takes for clients to view them. Talk about heavy lifting!

how good are you at it?
bcampbell - I was able to 'capture' 2006 models (I think that was the term) but when I was trying the demo version of Adobe it didn't seem to give me the full functionality. When I dragged 2005 models in it was quicker, easier and seem to give me more options.
I didn't get on with The Adobe animation, some of the functions didn't seem to work when trying to create the animation. I couldn't create the 'keys' along the time line.
17meg?? is that Adobe animations or SW? I know SW animations files are big, but I didn't know Adobe were. Or have I got the wrong end of the stick?



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