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Solidworks 2010 program setup question

Good morning,

While I am new to the forums, I am somewhat experienced with Solidworks (by no means am I an expert though :p) and in the past few months I have begun to use Inventor at work as well. In Inventor, if you have multiple parts/assemblies/draws open they appear as tabs at the bottom of your screen. To explain a little better for anyone who isn't familiar, these tabs are similar to tabs within a browser, and you can bounce back and forth between parts without having to minimize what your currently looking at. I just think this is a fantastic feature and was curious if it is possible to do this in Solidworks? It isn't a big problem or anything, but it is a lot more convenient to switch between parts in Inventor than in Solidworks and I would love to turn on this feature for Solidworks if I can.

Anyone know?