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solidworks computer system?


New member
can anyone recommend a processor, graphics card ram package we should be looking at to run solidworks at the very top end (huge assemblies, and parts) at the moment we are designing a car chassis and our computer is topping out badly (takes half an hour to save). we are runing a core 2 duo e8200, quadro fx 1700 and 3/4gb RAM (dont know which becuase we are supposed to have 4 but it only shows up as 3 in system info...) basically i think the ram and graphics are ok as the realview is showing nicely and the model can be turn and viewed in realtime swiftly (no lag) its just saving and updating features that takes ages!! is that the processors job?
thanks in advance
The right hardware is very important


the best thing you can do for yourself is to visit the SolidWorks homepage. Here you will find all the information you need to help you in this situation. There are hardware configurations which are recommended and have been tested by the people from SolidWorks and I would highly recomend you adhere to these recomendations.

One thing is however quite clear: you don't have enough RAM. You need 6gb minimum for the project you have described. The other thing I noticed is that you say you have four gb-RAM in you machine and that the computer only shows 3? If this is really the case then you are using Windows XP right? There is what I call "a natural barrier" within XP which stops it utilising all the RAM you have. Here I would like to recomend expert help to sort out this problem.

While I think of it, SolidWorks have partner companys which offer complete systems with your software already installed. Perhaps you would like to consider this.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,


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