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Solidworks Contract Worker Needed



Looking for a Solidworks Contract Worker to work in Southern California converting AutoCad drawings to Solidworks models and build assemblies and fix models so they work.

Must work at the factory to have hands-on experience with the parts and the assemblies and interface with manufacturing and engineering to resolve issues.
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I'd be interested in the conversion to SolidWorks part of this job. I have 20 years experience in design and manufacture of parts from heavy equipment to laser/photonics and most fields in between. Typically $25 per ACAD drawing. My designs can be customized to suit your manufacturing processes & qtys.

Regards, RMalloy
Solidworks Modeling Outsourcing


We are a one-stop product development support company and offer following contract work:
1) 3D Measurement including high accuracy laser scanning, for either reverse engineering or product dimensional inspection (including First Article Inspection, FAI)

2) 3D/2D CAD design: ProE, UG, CATIA, Solidworks CAD modeling

3) Product development support: desing optimization, prototyping, low volume production.

More information can be found: CAD Modeling and Reverse Engineering, First Article Inspection, Dimensional Inspection, Product Development China, Third Party Inspection, Production Tooling, Low Volume Production

SolidWork Outsource Work

I am Parag from Sungrace Group India. (Sungrace )

Sungrace has been providing mechanical design engineering & software services to CAD /CAM / CAE / PLM, Oil & Gas, Sub-seas, Packaging Industries, automotive, manufacturing companies since 1997. Sungrace provides IT enabled mechanical engineering design services to manufacturing companies and design consulting organizations worldwide; helping them through our engineering & software center in Pune, India and ANN Arbor, MI & Katy ,TX, USA to reduce engineering costs, improve lead times and product quality.

Mechanical engineering services include:

CAD Services -3D Modeling & 2D Detailing with GD & T.
Product Design
Embedded System, Automation, PLC Programming
Reverse Engineering
Tooling design
SPM, Jig & fixture design
CAE Services
Structural Thermal and CFD analysis
PDM Implementation and Customization.

Advantage with Sungrace Group: ..........
1. We are one of the network partner of SolidWorks since 1995.Huge exprience in Solidworks desing & CAD customisation.
2. Most of our CAD Engineers are CSWP(Certifide SolidWorks Professional).
3. All of our CAD Engineers are having 3+ years experience in SolidWorks 2D to 3D conversion.
4. Global delivery Model-We can do work in US as well as in India.
5. We have the facility to ramp up the operation immediately. But if you outsource your work to India you can save 40-60 % cost, of cource with same quality in time.
6. Huge infrastructure back-up to complete the work in time.
7. We are over 120 + People Company mostly Mechanical & Software Engineers.
8. Sungrace has a highly effective and proactive approach to project management that identifies and improves processes that contribute towards excellence in service delivery.
9. Sungrace adopts and continually refines best practices in the areas of Client Relationship Management, Product Design Lifecycle Management and Project Management.
10. Sungrace has deployed web based project management software that allows customers to get a real time view of their project progress and issues.

With this I look forward to explore further for the potential business opportunities. You can contact on [email protected], [email protected]
I am from Romania. So.. I try.

I am not a "guru" in SW but I think is not any difficult to translate AUTOCAD drawings in SW formats, or make parts from GOOD autocad drawings. My price can be very good for you (for the begening). I wish to work in US, and I think that is an oportunity for me.
My english is "like you see". Can you offre me a chance ?
I'm new to this forum, but not new to SolidWorks. I can't tell if you have ended your hunt for a contractor to travel to your location or not. I am available for up to 6 months starting in 11/01/08. If this is truly a 1099 situation then we can discuss the $ amount. I do have 15 years CADD experience. SW from 1999-2008 editions. Heavy product developement in a manufacturing environment. Lots of machine design. Thank you.

Hello, I'm willing to travel; I have 20 yrs in the manufacturing. I owned a cnc machine shop for the past 17yrs. I have the experience to put your facility back on track. I have a license copy of solidworks and camworks which I have use in my shop for the past 7 yrs. I also have a license copy of mastercam which I use mostly for 3d programming now and I use camworks for the 2d work. Depending on the product type I believe I could do a great job I work well with a team and have the leadership skills to mange a group of people.
We can discuss hourly rate if you’re interested.
my email is [email protected]

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