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Solidworks file compression


New member
Hello Solidworks Community,
When I need to reduce the size of a Solidworks file for e-mail size limit purposes, I normally surpress all the entries in the design tree, the model dissapears, the Byte size is reduced substantially, and the recipient of the e-mail just unsurpresses them to view the model. I do not have any problems doing this, except one time, I could not get the option to unsurpress. This particular time I actually lost the file.
If someone here is familiar with this shrink trick, could you give me a clue as to what I possibly could have done wrong? It would appear that I am clueless to something real basic here.
Thanking you,
I have never heard of this "trick" before but on the other hand we have never had to think about it as we use winrar which works very well with everything we want to compress.

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