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Solidworks on line tutorials



Could any one tell me any good online sites to help me learn solidworks, I have worked with Autocad for a many years in 2D, and have done the tutorials on solidworks but really need some basic follow through tutorials (free)to help me grasp it.:D :p
You came to the right place!

Hello elmo :D

You came to the right place! has the largest collection of SolidWorks tutorials on the web, no kidding! Did you register at the home page of this site (not the forum registration)? If not, go to the home page and register. Then select this link or go to the top menu bar. From the "Tutorials" drop-down menu select "SolidWorks".

We currently have 299 SolidWorks tutorials listed in many different sub-categories! And they're ALL FREE!

Here's the direct link:

Remember that you have to register for the resource part of this site. Our forum is a separate registration. However, you can use the same username and password for both sections of the site.

Good luck and happy tutoring!

3DCADTips Help Desk :cool:
I Dont understand how you overall register for 3dcadtips to get those tutorials for solidworks... i went to the website and could not find anywhere to register and make a username of anysort

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