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Solidworks, Pro/E, or Alibre??


New member
Hey folks, my company is thinking about getting a 3D CAD software (AutoCAD is really not that good for 3D). At the moment I'm looking at SW, Pro/E and Alibre.

My company designs and makes machineries and assemblies which consist of hundreds of parts. Things we would consider include:
1. A user-friendly interface, easy to learn and use within a short period of time
2. Able to make drawings in .dwg which could be opened and modified with AutoCAD without any problem.
3. Cost for the software, training, and maintenance. We are a small to medium sized company, and the budget is important of course.
4. And anything other advantages they might have..

Could someone give me any suggestions on selecting the right one? I'm trying to register for some trial-runs but would like to get a general idea of which is better first.

Thanks a lot.


New member
ive used AutoCAD 2008 and 2009, and after using solidworks, im not going back.. so my vote is also for solidworks.. its definately worth it, and you wont regret it... its what autocad should try to be