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Solidworks to Femap - creating midplanes for assembly



Dear all. I'm hoping some of you could help solving the following issue:

I have a Solidworks assembly model. I transfer the solidworks model to Femap and the model is showing the actual thickness. Lets say I have to mesh the model using CQUAD, I must find the midplane of every individual surface before meshing. Does anyone know how to do this at once (by assuming there are many panels in the model that creating mid-plane of each panel will take some times) ? The fastest way to find the midplane either from Solidworks or Femap would help, thank you.

I know that SolidWorks and CosmosWorks work together to generate midplane surfaces for shell elements.

You may look into CosmosDesigner which will allow you the midplane capabilities. I don't know it they are exportable after they have been created.

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